In 2009, NextGen was formed in Dublin, Ireland to create an independent distribution pathway for disruptive technologies into Ireland’s enterprise landscape. Home to many of the world’s leading technology companies, and widely acknowledged as the data centre capital of the world, Ireland’s end-market for enterprise-class security and infrastructure grows increasingly complex – and we are evolving to meet its needs.

NextGen is the place where disruptive technology vendors and customer end-users meet. At NextGen, we understand the commercial and technology forces that unite our vendors, reseller partners and their customer end-users. We are uniquely positioned to enable them to come together to identify, assess, deploy and support disruptive technologies that offer transformational business impacts.

In Ireland, we are trusted to represent those who are leading cyber security and digital infrastructure change. Together, with our partners we enable CIOs to deploy a new wave of game-changing technologies that protect and serve their businesses, enabling digital first to sit at the core of business strategy.